Tuesday, March 29, 2011

           A closed heart is much like a locked gate...

Quite a while ago, maybe even a couple of years now, a precious blogger shared some kind words and encouraged me to begin my own blog.  And, so I began to wonder, could I?  Could I actually begin a blog and really have something...anything to say?  Will, a bit of bravery took hold and a few days ago I finally did just that.  With a little help from my son and a photo I'd taken at a historic cemetery in Charlotte, NC I posted a tiny first.  A posting of very few words, and an entrancing face of a thoughtful figure dressed in lichen and moss.  Mournful in her solitude, she made me think of how I felt and have been feeling for the last few years.  Fallen within sorrowful thoughts of loss I had seemed to lose myself, closing off from much of that which had, in the past, given such joy and healing.  Art.  Whether with pen and ink, watercolor brush, words, or well loved items of vintage beauty, I'd shut away my muse, pushing 'him' further and further away to sit silently, hidden and unheard deep within my melancholy spirit.  But, a person's spirit tends to moulder like a forgotten piece of lace in a darkened crypt...sheesh, that's a dark analogy.  Yet, one's heart does begin to languish and forget the joys of creating and simply breathing.  Mourning is important, yes, but so is living, and day by day I have to keep reminding myself of this.  And, so, I am beginning a blog and hoping thru this blog I might reach into my heart and begin to create once again, and in this creating begin to reach out to others who share in the joys of artistic imagination.  


  1. Oh Kimphy....what a wonderful and so true post sweet friend!!! I'm so, SO very glad you're here girl ~ and you're right, art can heal you, help you express your feelings and pull them out of you!! I look forward to see your creations and don't be shy, OK? We all felt this exact same way when we started blogging ~ and we are all here for you girl!!! Sending you hugs, love and much encouragement, Dawn

  2. Thank you, Dawn! Your kind words mean the world to me. You inspire so very many people with your dear heart, generosity, and encouragement. Your art touches the spirit in such a wondrous way, and each day I read your blog is like receiving a precious gift of inspiration and light. I'm going to give this a try and see where it might end up. ^.^ Hugs and Love right back to you, Kimphy

  3. Hi Kimphy!!

    I hope you can be inspired here visiting friend's blogs and other websites. The hurt and loss of life is painful and haunting, as much tho, so if living life, meeting people, seeing the world and it's surroundings again and breathing life back into ones soul. But, none of that happens until you are ready.
    Here is wishing you JOY, Peace and paths full of Wonderful Life Dear Friend!!!
    xo hugs~

    Your blog looks great, let's see more!! :)

  4. Dear Tiffany, Oh, it's been a year since I've visited my own blog! Truly I need to begin to post here, if only bits and pieces of things. Thank you so much Tiffany, for posting here as you did so long ago. Your words mean more than you could know. Many Hugs back to you, hon. And, so very many Blessings, too. xo